No Man’s Sky: Interceptor Update brings corruption to the galaxy

Posted by:Robert Collins

The second No Man’s Sky Update of 2023 goes live today. Titled “Interceptor,” the update is “one of our largest in recent memory,” according to Hello Games founder Sean Murray. Interceptor comes just six weeks after another sizeable update, Fractal, brought a host of new content and features to No Man’s Sky.

What does Interceptor bring to No Man’s Sky? Answer: Corruption.

The ever-present tyrants of universe enforcement, the Sentinels, have become prey to a corruption that is spreading through their factions. Only the bravest Travellers will dare venture to forsaken Sentinel worlds to investigate.

Those that do, however, will find abandoned encampments to explore, intriguing crystals to harvest and, for the most persistent, the blueprints for a hitherto undiscovered Sentinel Interceptor starship which come in a huge variety of models.

No Man's Sky Interceptor Screenshot

Aside from these corrupted worlds and the new spacecraft, which will apparently be the “most varied Starship to date,” Interceptor will introduce a plenty of fixes and improvements. Among them are improvements to the PSVR2 experience including enhanced visuals and improved controls. Xbox gamers are not being left out, however, as the team at Hello Games has promised “a renewed focus on Xbox” to improve graphics and performance.

Also, there is plenty of other additional content in the form of new enemy types such as corrupted drones. New equipment includes the Hijacked Laser and the Aeron Turbojet backpack.

Interceptor Update 4.2 is the 25th major update for No Man’s Sky. The game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and other platforms. It is available with Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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