All Xbox LIVE members to receive unlimited cloud storage on Xbox One

Zac Bowden

Xbox Cloud

With the current generation Xbox, GOLD subscribers can gain access to 512MB of cloud storage to upload save files to. The cloud storage will allow you to access whatever is uploaded to it from any console. With the Xbox One, it appears Microsoft is planning to expand this ability and offer it to all members.

Not only will cloud storage be available to all members, but the storage will be unlimited. Meaning you can upload any amount of saves you like without hitting a limit. More so, the types of files being allowed on the cloud storage has been expanded, allowing games, achievements, profiles and more.

How are Microsoft doing this you ask? Well, with SkyDrive and Windows Azure of course! Windows Azure is the backend to all servers at Microsoft, it’s the power behind SkyDrive, Bing and many more Microsoft services including Xbox One.

This is a plus to all Xbox members, as the cloud capabilities on the current generation is more than convenient. Having expanded options and unlimited storage on the Xbox One for all members is also a huge plus.