Would you give up your current phone for a Windows Phone? (poll)

Zac Bowden


I see you there, with your iPhone or HTC One or BlackBerry Z10. You probably think your phone is superior over its competition. Apple iOS and it’s ecosystem is stellar, as is Android’s ecosystem. But would you give it up for Windows Phone?

What if I was to offer you a free Windows Phone device of your choice in place of your current mobile phone, would you take it? Would you be willing to give up your beloved piece of hardware for something new and different?

Windows Phone is currently third place in market share when it comes to mobile phones, which means it has some popularity. More so, Windows Phone is growing at tremendous speeds, faster than any other mobile ecosystem currently. So something must be convincing people to switch to Windows Phone, whether it’s a Nokia Lumia or HTC 8X. People are switching. And they’re not switching back. But would you be one of those people?

I know I already have, I’m a happy Nokia Lumia 820 user who was once an iPhone user. The switch is possible, as I am living proof! Answer our poll below and see who else is willing to give up their current phone for a Windows Phone.