Windows Phone GDR2 update fixes ‘Other Storage’ issue, claims Microsoft

Zac Bowden

Windows Phone Glance

The infamous ‘Other Storage’ bug present in current Windows Phone 8 devices not running GDR2. A bug that slowly but surely eats all available space on your phone until you have nothing left. Apparently, the bug is caused by SkyDrive uploading and downloading photos, and temporary files not deleting themselves.

Joe Belfiore on Twitter has today claimed that this issue is fixed with the upcoming GDR2 update. Current devices running GDR2 should have already noticed the ‘Other Storage’ category being significantly smaller in size. Finally!

If your Windows Phone device has the GDR2 update already, let us know if you’ve noticed the ‘Other Storage’ category being smaller in size. Reports claim that for some people it’s dropping below 1GB, which is a huge improvement especially as the bug usually used 3-4GB.