Affirmation from Microsoft: Bing Chat to remain a cost-free service

Priya Walia

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Recently, tech giant Microsoft announced the arrival of an enterprise version of their successful chat platform, Bing Chat. As always, the cyber world reacted with a dizzying mix of anticipation, skepticism, and concern. Among the torrent of reactions, a major worry echoed across the digital sphere – what would become of the accessible version of Bing Chat?

However, Microsoft quickly dispelled any brewing confusion.

“Yep, Bing will stay free, of course” assured Mikhail Parakhin, Bing’s CEO, through a Twitter update. 

The enterprise version of Bing Chat doesn’t just have a price tag; it comes with an array of added features, boosted security measures, and enhanced privacy options tailored for corporate requirements. The business-tier option is aimed at enterprises that want an edge in real-time, seamless communication while safeguarding sensitive data.

Consumer apps are known to be far from their enterprise counterparts, mainly due to the diverse needs of individuals or small teams vs. giant corporations. But Microsoft seems to have embarked on a journey to tread the middle ground, offering both a robust free product for everyday users while also catering to the more demanding privacy and security needs of large corporations.

The significant upgrade, in essence, can be viewed as not a threat to its free sibling but a testament to the AI Chatbot’s triumph in the market.

In conclusion, for the average user, Bing will remain free, ensuring that the platform remains accessible to all. An emphasis on inclusivity has been central to Bing Chat, something that is unlikely to change.

Via Search Engine Round Table