Microsoft expands cloud security measures to combat rising nation-state cyberthreats

Devesh Beri

According to Microsoft, they are taking decisive action to protect its customers and strengthen cloud platforms against escalating nation-state cyber threats. Collaborating closely with commercial and government partners and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the tech giant aims to tackle the evolving cybersecurity challenges. This comes after Chinese hackers were able to gain access to government accounts using flaws in and OWA.

Earlier this week, CISA directed government agencies to address Windows and Office zero-days.

The company is expanding cloud logging accessibility and flexibility worldwide, providing broader access to cloud security logs at no extra cost. The Microsoft Purview Audit tool is vital in this endeavor, enabling centralized visualization of cloud log data across enterprises. Customers can enhance incident response, conduct forensic investigations, address internal concerns, and meet compliance obligations.

Customers with E5/G5 licenses utilizing Microsoft Purview Audit (Premium) will continue to enjoy access to all audit logging events, including intelligent insights. Microsoft is also increasing the default retention period for Audit Standard customers from 90 to 180 days, providing longer-lasting data for analysis.

The logging updates will roll out in September 2023 for government and commercial customers. Customers can visit the Microsoft Purview compliance portal to access the logs and select Audit from the Solutions panel.

Microsoft’s commitment to a safer world is evident through secure-by-design solutions, built-in chip-to-cloud technology, a rigorous security development cycle, and default multifactor authentication.

CISA Director Jen Easterly lauds Microsoft’s decision to make necessary log types available to the broader cybersecurity community at no additional cost. She sees this as a step towards adopting Secure by Design principles.

Microsoft’s collaboration with CISA and ongoing engagement with customers and regulators underscore its dedication to addressing the ever-changing security landscape.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s efforts to strengthen cloud security emphasize trust, transparency, and collaboration. The company’s proactive approach empowers customers with enhanced logging capabilities, ensuring protection against cyber threats and shaping a secure digital future.

via Reuters