Meta, Microsoft, Vodafone complete Amitié subsea cable, connects Europe and North America

Devesh Beri

Amitie Subsea Cable

According to TotalTelecom, Aqua Comms, Meta, Microsoft, and Vodafone have completed the Amitié subsea cable system, establishing the first direct connection between Boston to Europe and Bordeaux to North America. The trans-Atlantic system, spanning 6,783 km (4,215 miles) and built by Alcatel Submarine Networks, has landings in Lynn, Massachusetts; Widemouth Bay, England; and Le Porge, France. With 16 fiber pairs and 400 Tbps, Amitié becomes the highest capacity transoceanic communications cable ever deployed.

This isn’t the only collaboration between Meta and Microsoft, as earlier this week, both these parties joined forces to bring Llama 2 language models to Azure and Windows.

The system enhances connectivity options in the US, the UK, and France, allowing direct communication from Boston to London and introducing a new Carrier Neutral Data Center in Bordeaux. This ensures improved reliability with protected capacity on diverse routes.

A notable feature is the innovative branching unit situated 860 km from France and 650 km from the UK, enabling the switching of individual optical wavelengths or the full fiber capacity via two different switching technologies. Andy Hudson, Chief Network Officer at Aqua Comms, stated that Amitié adds a third high-capacity system to their transatlantic network, offering enhanced diversity for US and European customers.

Subsea cables like Amitié can positively impact national and regional economies, fostering the development of terrestrial fiber and local economic growth.

Amitié is now fully commissioned and tested, having been handed over to Aqua Comms, Meta, Microsoft, and Vodafone on July 16, 2023. The project was constructed under a Joint Build Agreement between the four partners, cooperating with the supplier and the landing providers.