AdDuplex to shut down – the end of an era

Kip Kniskern


AdDuplex, the Windows Phone / Windows ad platform that also provided monthly stats on Windows usage, will be shutting down on July 17th. The announcement came today on the AdDuplex website, and the service will begin serving “NoAd” events until at least the end of the year, giving customers time to make other arrangements. The AdDuplex portal, where publishers could check their stats, etc., will be shutting down August 1st.

While it’s been a long time coming for AdDuplex, founder Alan Mendelevich has tried to keep things going as long as he could:

After more than 12 years of serving the Windows developer community it’s finally time to make the call and shutdown AdDuplex. I didn’t make this decision lightly and it comes after more than 5 years of periodic optimizations (both technical and organizational) to keep the service alive while the industry and the community we are serving were shrinking. We ran out of options and ideas, so it’s time to call it a day and say goodbye.

Our readers may be most familiar with AdDuplex as the source of monthly Windows stats. These stats, derived from Windows devices running apps serving AdDuplex ads, were reported on by a number of publications, including this one. While the numbers may not have been fully representative of the Windows landscape, at times they were all we had in terms of usage numbers, and provided a glimpse at trends, like Windows 11 adoption.

We commend Alan and AdDuplex for hanging in there as long as they did, and we’ll miss the monthly reports. Good luck, Alan!