Adding Gmail accounts to Windows 10 Mobile Mail apps still doesn’t work

Laurent Giret

If Google has never been a big supporter of Microsoft’s mobile efforts over the years, using your Gmail account on a Windows Phone has been so far a quite satisfying experience. Syncing your email, contacts and calendars is a straightforward process using Microsoft’s built-in apps on mobile, though Gmail addicts may prefer the company to release dedicated mobile apps just like on iOS and Android.

However, Windows 10 Mobile users needing to sync a new Gmail account on their phone may be in trouble these days: MSPoweruser reported today that the process of adding a new Google account through the system settings no longer works. When you try it, it opens a web page explaining that “your browser is not supported anymore.”

Gmail's sign-in web page doesn't support Microsoft Edge anymore.
Gmail’s sign-in web page doesn’t support Microsoft Edge anymore.

You can still try to sign-in by tapping the blue button on the top right of the web page, but it still won’t allow you to sync your Google account on your phone. There is no difference if you’re using a standard Gmail account or premium account through Google Apps for Work. The problem could be user-agent related, as the web page says that Internet Explorer is still supported. Windows 10 users are currently not affected by this issue, and syncing a new Gmail account on a Windows Phone 8.1 account still works as well as you can see in the image below:

This how the sign-in process used to be on both Windows 10 Mobile and WIndows Phone 8.1.
This how the sign-in process used to be on both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1.

To be clear, if you already set up your Gmail account on your Windows 10 Mobile phone, you’re fine for now. However, if you do a hard reset on your handset you may not be able to sync your Gmail account on your phone anymore. You can still access a Gmail account via Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 Mobile or via a third-party email app, but it’s obviously not a sustainable situation. It’s not clear yet if Microsoft is already aware of the problem, but we hope that the company will work with Google to fix the issue as soon as possible.