Looking for an Xbox One S? It’s back in stock at Amazon and the Microsoft Store

Laurent Giret

Xbox One S

Microsoft new Xbox One S gaming console has finally launched in select markets on Tuesday, and the company has already warned Xbox enthusiasts that the $399 2TB launch edition would be “available in limited quantities.” If you couldn’t purchase one on either Amazon or the US Microsoft Store earlier this week, there is some good news for you as Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has just tweeted that the Xbox One S is now back in stock in both stores.

The Xbox One S has so far been well received by the press, and the new gaming console should also be interesting for movie aficionados as it features a 4K Blu-ray DVD player and also supports 4K HDR content from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. However, if $399 is too much for you or if you don’t need a 2TB hard drive, Microsoft will release cheaper 500GB and 1TB models  along with the first Xbox One S bundles later this month.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a nice companion device for your brand new Xbox One S, we remind you that we will soon give away a Microsoft Surface Book with Windows 10 Anniversary Update pre-installed! We invite you to the read the details on how to participate over here.