A year of free Dying Light DLC content coming to owners according to Techland

Michael Cottuli

Dying Light on Xbox One

Dying Light came out years ago, but it’s still getting new content. The news was broken earlier on Twitter, as the Dying Light Twitter account said that they’ll be offering 10 new DLC packs over the next 12 months. It’s a great move for a game that, by all accounts, is way too old to be receiving any kind of new content. Apparently plenty of people are still playing Dying Light, so the team behind it have decided to continue developing.

It wasn’t mentioned exactly what kind of content we’re going to be getting, but it could be anything. I would be surprised if we got a full-on new story DLC, but it’s very likely that we’ll be getting a massive influx of new costumes, weapons, and maybe some quality of life changes to keep the game fresh.