Microsoft adds the ‘Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID’ to lineup of new accessories

Kareem Anderson

Surface Keyboard Media Keys

The story of Windows 10’s biometric expansion has entered another chapter as Microsoft adds fingerprint authentication to its new lineup of accessories beginning with the revised Modern Keyboard.

Microsoft’s Modern Keyboard debuted alongside the company’s Surface Studio back in October of 2016 as polish to the company’s new hardware offering for creatives.

A new listing at Microsoft’s online storefront highlights a new Modern Keyboard equipped with Fingerprint ID for $129.99. The new fingerprint identifying keyboard touts a ‘coming soon’ tag with no other indication as to when it will be available for the general public.

Judging by the short accompanying video, the fingerprint id works in a subtle but intuitive way while adhering to the versatility of the keyboards wired/wireless design. As Microsoft awaits more companies to produce the necessary camera arrangements to fully support its Windows Hello biometric pitch, the company appears prepared to continue providing authentication methods its users are most comfortable with.