Here’s how the Xbox One X is assembled

Michael Cottuli

Xbox One X Console

We’ve all heard it by now: the Xbox One X, also known as Project Scorpio, is “The most powerful console ever.” It’s easy to hear that, look at the specs, and agree. You may get a whole new respect for this console when you get a peek at it being put together, though. You can now take a look at Microsoft’s Leo Del Castillo putting the console together, with some commentary from Major Nelson.

The video is pretty fascinating, and you can see just how tightly packed together everything is. It was a huge surprise to everyone when they announced that this would be the “smallest Xbox ever” with all that power under the hood, but with this kind of precision engineering you can really get a sense for how they did it. Regardless of whether or not you’re buying one of these $500 gaming monsters, you have to appreciate some good craftsmanship.