A new report suggests Copilot may replace the iconic Start Button on the rumored Windows 12

Priya Walia

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Have you ever wondered how Microsoft plans to redesign Windows 12? Well, wonder no more because it seems that AI will be at the forefront of Microsoft’s plans.

In fact, according to PC World, Windows Copilot AI could even replace the iconic Start button.

Notably, the future of Windows is set to be revolutionized through the integration of AI. Referring to this, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, likened the AI-powered Windows Copilot to the pivotal function of the Start button in the current Windows versions.

The revelation came during a discussion between Nadella and Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Amon, focusing on the collaboration between the two companies to optimize the integration of Windows on Arm-powered PCs and the leveraging of neural processing units (NPUs) in modern computing.

Nadella highlighted the significance of AI as the cornerstone of the future computing experience, with Copilot expected to play a central role. “The Copilot is like the Start button,” he explained. “It becomes the orchestrator of all your app experiences. So, for example, I just go there and express my intent, and it either navigates me to an application or it brings the application to the Copilot, so it helps me learn, query, and create — and completely changes, I think, the user habits.”

This suggests a departure from the traditional methods of app navigation and highlights the potential for an entirely new user interaction paradigm, as per PC World.

The possibility of Copilot eventually replacing the iconic Windows Start button raises questions about the direction in which the future iterations of Windows are headed. Nadella’s insights suggest a fundamental reimagining of the Windows experience, aligning with the increasing integration of AI capabilities into everyday computing.

Industry experts are keen to witness how Microsoft’s AI-first approach will materialize in the upcoming Windows 12 and whether the speculated integration of Copilot as the new Start button will redefine user habits and interactions within the operating system. Only time will tell.