Starfield opening mission shown off at Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live

Posted by:Robert Collins

We knew that Starfield would have a big presence at Gamescom 2023. While many expressed disappointment that Bethesda’s massive sci-fi action RPG wouldn’t be available in playable form at the event, we did at least get some new gameplay footage during Opening Night Live.

In fact, those who could attend were treated to a complete look at the first mission. But not before Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard was brought onstage to deliver a special introduction.

Starfield Screen Shot 11

We have dreamed of a game where we looked at the skies and we can blast off into space and explore…We wanted to do something brand new where you could explore with complete freedom in the galaxy. It’s a game that we always wanted to play that I think a lot of people wanted to play as well. It’s kind of that dream game.”

As for the new Starfield video, it includes the game’s opening, with the beginning story sequence and character creation. Then, the opening mission which is titled “One Small Step.” Much of this was briefly leaked yesterday on YouTube before being quickly taken down.

Starfield Screen Shot 9

It begins at a location called Argos Extractors Mining Outpost on Vectera’s moon. Without giving away too much for those who would rather experience it first hand, this opening mission has the player working their way through the cavernous mines before stumbling upon a strange alien artifact. Shortly after is the big moment where the player emerges from the opening “dungeon” and into the great wide world (worlds plural in this case) they are about to explore.

Starfield Screen Shot 18

There’s more, but again we don’t want to ruin if for those who didn’t see it. Suffice it to say the Starfield Gamescom showcase has fans all the more exciting for Starfield’s September 6 launch.

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