Microsoft Edge flags Google Chrome installer as harmful, mistake or deliberate action?

Devesh Beri

Microsoft Edge version 116 incorrectly flagged the ChromeSetup.exe file, the installation file for Google Chrome, as potentially harmful. This led to warning messages and prompts discouraging users from downloading Chrome. This issue seemed to affect only some users, with the error being observed in around one out of five Edge 116 stable installations during testing.

Chromesetup Flagged Harmful By Edge

Lately, Microsoft has been known to promote its Edge browser and ecosystem to Windows users, and this situation could be seen as a way to subtly encourage users to stay within their ecosystem.

Microsoft Edge Voices Against Chrome

However, these aggressive advertisements and practices aren’t uncommon in the tech industry, and Google is no stranger. Microsoft and Google have been known to engage in such behavior. Back in the day, Chrome applied similar tactics to get hold of its customers when they were dominating the browser business.

Is it safe to say that karma hits you back? Either way, such strategies could be misleading for the customers.

There has been no official statement from Microsoft regarding the flagging of ChromeSetup.exe as potentially harmful.

via WindowsLatest