No Man’s Sky Echoes Update released, introducing new robotic beings and more

Posted by:Robert Collins

No Man’s Sky Echoes Update 4.4 has been released by Hello Games as of today, August 24.

Among other things this latest update introduces a new race of mechanical beings—the first such addition since No Man’s Sky launched back in 2016. Also new to the Echoes Update is freighter to freighter combat, and space combat in general has seen an overhaul.

In Echoes, players will uncover the secrets of the Autophage: a long-lost civilization of robotic beings. In addition, there is a new related multi-tool: the Voltaic Staff, a ceremonial piece of the Autophage.

Other new additions to the game rolling out in Echoes include a new holographic museum, which players can customize and decorate with the things they’ve found throughout their No Man’s Sky journeys. PS VR2 players will also notice various performance and stability improvements.

All this and more awaits in the Echoes Update. No Man’s Sky is available on most major platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5. It is also available with Xbox Game Pass.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky
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