Microsoft 365 Roadmap details app centric management coming to Teams admin center next month

Devesh Beri

Microsoft recently unveiled a significant addition to its Microsoft 365 roadmap, focusing on Microsoft Teams. The new development introduces ‘App Centric Management’ within the Teams Admin Center, offering enhanced control over app access for tenants, end-users, and groups. In easy words, they’ve made a change that helps the people who manage Teams (could be the bosses) decide what members in their team can use new apps.

Referred to as “App-centric management,” the update brings in new admin settings for controlling app installations in the tenant. Admins can now set a default value for new apps on the Teams app store. Additionally, admins can specify who can install an app:

  • All users can install
  • Specific users and groups can install
  • No user can install

The admin now decides if everyone can use a new app, if only certain people or groups can use it, or if nobody can use it.

The recent update signifies progress in the app permission policies. With this change, administrators now have better control over app access. They can manage the availability of individual apps more precisely.

Customers who are already using app permission policies need not worry. Microsoft ensures a seamless transition by migrating existing app permission policies, ensuring that established app availability remains unaffected within the tenant.

The feature is identified with the label ‘151829’ and was officially added to the roadmap on August 23, 2023. This update will be available in GCC and Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) cloud instances. It can be accessed through Desktop and Web platforms. With a release phase marked as ‘General Availability,’ the feature’s rollout is set to commence in September 2023.