Minecraft Legends releases as a day one Xbox Game Pass title today

Posted by:Robert Collins

Minecraft Legends releases today for a variety of platforms including Xbox One, Series X|S and Windows PC. It is available day one on Xbox and PC Game Pass.

One of several big Xbox releases in April and beyond that includes Ghostwire Tokyo, Redfall and more, Minecraft Legends is an action-strategy game that delivers a completely new gameplay take on the best-selling-ever block building game. Set long before the original Minecraft, players must lead the various mobs in a struggle against the Piglins, who are spreading the Nether’s corruption throughout the Overworld, to become the hero of legend.

Early reviews for Minecraft Legends have been decidedly positive, as seen in our Minecraft Legends review roundup, and the game promises to be a hit with Minecraft fans new and old. Aside from the main campaign, Minecraft Legends offers both co-op and PvP modes.

Minecraft Legends
Minecraft Legends
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free