Minecraft Dungeons reaches 25 million players milestone

Posted by:Robert Collins

Minecraft Dungeons has reached an impressive milestone with 25 million unique players having played the game. The feat comes a little over three years after the game’s initial release.

The team at Mojang posted a thank you on social media for all the 25 million who has played so far saying,

The adventure began in May 2020. Three years later, we’re over 25 million heroes strong.

Thank you to the amazing community and everyone that has joined this journey!

Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon crawler spinoff of the best selling video game of all time: the original Minecraft. The game’s isometric hack and slash, loot-collecting gameplay was an instant hit with gamers.

To put that 25 million player count into perspective, Minecraft Dungeons only reached 15 million players back in February last year. So it definitely seems that the game has some serious longevity as its popularity only grows.

An action strategy spinoff, Minecraft Legends, released earlier in 2023. It received solid reviews, and is currently available on various platforms including Xbox as well as via Xbox Game Pass.