Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC is now available

Posted by:Robert Collins

The previously announced Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC crossover has released.

In this exciting crossover Minecraft players will be able to explore iconic locations of the Forgotten Realms like Icewind Dale, Revel’s End and Candlekeep. Along the way you’ll encounter classic D&D foes including Beholders, Mimics, Displacer Beasts and more.

Play as a brawny Barbarian to exert brute force on enemies and obstacles alike. Or employ cunning as a stealthy Rogue, or cast spells from a distance by playing a wily Wizard. Or be a heroic Paladin and rely on sheer might to see you through to victory.

Special to this crossover content is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS DLC MONSTROUS COMPENDIUM, which you can download the PDF here. This bestiary will give players all the info they need to get the most out of the DLC. A themed character creator item will also be available for download.

This epic image shows a sword-wielding character facing up to an enormous dragon in the brand new Dungeons & Dragons DLC

The Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons DLC can be found over on Minecraft.net.

Featured image via Minecraft.net.