Microsoft talks about New Outlook’s ‘single code base’ version in new video

Posted by:Devesh Beri

Microsoft has released a video focused on the new Outlook for Windows that will be more consistent across different platforms, thanks to its single code-base.

In the video, the Outlook team, including Robert Navitsky and Margie Clinton, discussed their plans for the new Outlook for Windows app.

Here are some other key points shared in the video:

  • Microsoft is investing in a new Outlook for Windows to address client fragmentation challenges and deliver a more agile and customizable experience.
  • The new Outlook for Windows will be based on the web code base but will also have the feel of a native client.
  • The new Outlook for Windows will be more customizable than the classic Outlook, with options to change the ribbon, density, and layout.

Microsoft has announced that it will notify users at least a year before discontinuing the “classic” Windows 32-bit version of Outlook. However, transitioning from the classic Windows Outlook to the new Outlook will differ from the timeline for replacing the Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10.

There have been many updates in the queue for Outlook, like the ‘translation prompt’ feature for emails, UI updates for better folder navigation, real-time calendar sync for Outlook and Microsoft Teams, and more.

If you want to know all the details of Microsoft’s upcoming changes and improvements to the app, you should watch this video.

via Neowin