New features come to Microsoft 365 apps on Android

Priya Walia

android phone

Once a desktop-centric company, Microsoft’s increasingly aggressive foray into the mobile operating systems arena continues unabated. In a recent update to the Android interface, the tech behemoth has introduced more entries to the mini menu that emerges when users select or hold texts.

This, according to Windows Latest, has significantly enhanced and diversified the functionality of the menu while presenting novel challenges.

The new additions are part of a bid to extend the reach of three well-known Microsoft apps — Bing Chat, Edge, and Microsoft 365 — to Android platforms. When Android users with these apps installed select texts in applications such as Gmail, they encounter up to three additional options — Search in Edge, Bing Search, and the recently introduced Microsoft 365 Note.

As many users will recall, both the Search in Edge and Bing Search options have been present for over a year. However, this update marks the debut of the Microsoft 365 Note. This innovative function opens the Notes section of the Microsoft 365 app, complete with the selected text.

However, the move by Microsoft has not been without its drawbacks. Notably, the introduction of new buttons has reportedly concealed other vital features like Copy and Select in the menu. This is particularly prevalent in Samsung phone models, contributing to some user’s frustration, Windows Latest reports.

Nevertheless, users are provided with a promising workaround. If they navigate to the extended menu and click on the ‘copy’ option rather than opting for the Microsoft 365 Note, the Android menu may adapt automatically to this usage pattern, prompting the ‘copy’ button to surface instead.

In essence, Microsoft’s move may signify a push to increase usage of its applications on Android platforms, thus subtly shifting user behavior and enhancing its foothold within the mobile OS market. Only time will tell how this fresh maneuver will play out.

Via Windows Latest