How to use file tabs in File Explorer with Windows 11 2022 – an OnMSFT video

Posted by:David Allen

File Explorer has been the primary way to manage a Windows file system for many years.  The basic concepts of how to move files have remained the same. If you needed to move files between folders you would have to open multiple copies of File Explorer and move your files between them.

In this new series of YouTube videos, we’ll be exploring a number of Windows 11 features, and up first is a quick look at Tabs in File Explorer.

Over time this method has become inefficient and often would lead to a crowded taskbar. In June of 2022, Microsoft started testing the addition of tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 2022.  Now File Explorer looks much like your web browser when you have multiple tabs open.  Tabs of open folders flank the title bar.

Copying and pasting files is one of the most common file actions, except now it’s much more intuitive, simply open the source folder in File Explorer, then clicking the plus next to that tab and opening your destination tab to paste your files. Any destination can be opened as a tab, folders, other storage locations, even network locations.  Looking to see File Tabs in action?  Here’s how I move files on a daily basis.

How have File Tabs changed your workflow?