One last look at leaked Windows 11 build 21996 – hands on video from Cody

Posted by:Cody Carson

(Editors note: Cody, our video walkthrough guy, has been busy with real life lately, but we decided to share his Windows 11 build 21996 video anyway, just as a last reminder what’s in 21996 before the big June 24th event reveal tomorrow)

Rumors about the fabled “Windows 11” have been circulating the internet for some time. Now, installation media for an internal development Build of Windows 11 leaked online, which finally gives us a solid piece of evidence that this is indeed the major rebranding of Windows that many have speculated.

Many aspects of Microsoft’s Windows master plan (such as Windows 10 Mobile and the Universal Windows Platform) have long since been axed or abandoned, leaving gaping holes in Microsoft’s strategy for influence in the modern world of personal computing. Perhaps Windows 11 is part of a new vision for this plan, or maybe it’s just a re-skinned Windows 10. We won’t know for sure what Microsoft has in store for us until the Windows event later this month, until then, we can take a look at what’s new in this leaked build of Windows 11.

In this hands-on video, we’ll be exploring some of the UI changes present in this leaked build of Windows 11. Of course, none of the features demonstrated in this video should be considered final. In comparison, when Windows 10 was officially released back in 2015, it hardly resembled the initial preview builds released the previous year. What we see in this build of Windows 11 could very well change by the time Microsoft decides to release it.