Hands-on: Windows 10 Creators Update build 15031 for PC (video)

Posted by:Cody Carson

Hey there everybody, it’s me Cody, OnMSFT, where today I’ll showing you Windows 10 build 15031 for PC.

15031 is the latest fast ring build for Windows Insiders as part of the Creators Update, which is expected to come out spring later this year. Please note that these builds are buggy, and I wouldn’t recommend installing them onto your main device.

Getting the update

In the last few Windows Insider fast builds, many users were reporting getting stuck on the Windows update screen, not being able to get the build to install past 0%. This issue continues into 15031, however, it has been noted to be a visual glitch. Just wait patiently and the build should install. You’ll know it’s ready when a restart button appears in the Windows Update page.

New in the UWP

This build brings a lot of features that app developers will be able to build into their UWP apps. Because of this though, a lot of what I’m going to be talking about won’t be seen by you Windows Insiders exploring these builds on their devices as is.

This latest build of Windows 10 introduces a new system for compact video overlay boxes. You might recognize it as a ‘picture in picture’ mode for video or media apps like Movies & TV or Skype. Developers making apps for the Universal Windows Platform in the creators update will be able to utilize this in their apps, providing an experience that their users will certainly enjoy. Because this was literally just announced, there aren’t any apps I am aware of that utilize this.

As someone who really appreciates iconography, this to me is the most interesting change with this release so far. The share icon that most of you are familiar with is being changed following the release of this build. While I liked the old symbol, share iconography has always been a bit of a oddity across different GUI’s and platforms. It can be difficult to convey meaning through such simple icons, as Paula Chuchro from Microsoft points out;

Share Icons

“The concept of sharing is a tough thing to communicate in just a few line strokes. As a result, many people have gotten used to whatever icon their mobile phone platform uses.”


This new share icon is more distinguished, and more closely resembles the share icons used on other platforms. To be clear, apps that used the share icon in the Segoe MDL2 assets should get their icons updated automatically.

Windows Insiders will begin to notice the new icon in apps in later Creators Update builds.

Dynamic lock

Dynamic lock is a feature that we’ve seen previously in Creators Update builds, which is now much more fully implemented into the system. Dynamic lock can be found under the Sign in Options page of the accounts section in the Windows settings app. This feature is designed to automatically lock your PC when you walk away from it to help conserve power or to keep your data safe. It works by measuring the proximity of a phone you paired to your PC through Bluetooth. If the device you paired is not detected within a certain distance of your PC, Windows will automatically lock your PC after 30 seconds of that device being out of the PC’s proximity.

Game bar support

Gaming in the Creators Update continues to be a point of interest with developers and Windows insiders. Based on feedback provided following the release of Game mode through the Windows Game bar, full screen Game Bar support has been extended to an impressive 52 additional titles with this build.

Watch your step!

Now, as with all these new features, there are also quite a few issues, so be aware of that. Like I’ve said before, I highly discourage you install these builds on your main device, not in that they will cause it to explode, but because you might run into an undocumented issue that prevents you from getting some important task done.