Hands-on demo of Windows 10 Mobile Continuum for Phones

Posted by:Zac Bowden

Ever since Continuum for Phones was announced, I’ve had countless requests asking me to make a screencast of the feature showcasing what it’s like to simply use the Continuum for Phones once its all setup and ready to use, so we’ve done just that. Here’s our hands-on demo of Windows 10 Mobile Continuum for Phones.

For those who don’t know, Continuum for Phones is a new feature available for select Windows 10 Mobile handsets that essentially turns your smartphone into an on-the-go PC. There are some caveats, though, this is not a desktop replacement meaning you cannot run full desktop apps like Google Chrome or Adobe Photoshop. Sadly there’s also no way to have multiple apps run on screen at the same time within Continuum, meaning no windowed mode. You can have an app run on your phone separate from what’s running within Continuum however.

You can use Continuum for Phones in two ways, either with a dedicated Continuum dock or via Miracast. We used the Continuum dock for our demo, which allows you to plug in a mouse and keyboard as well as output to a monitor at 1080p 60Hz via HDMI and display port. Our demo is embedded above, let us know if you’ll be using Continuum for Phones down in the comments area below!