Fallout 76 Mutation Invasion Update goes live

Posted by:Robert Collins

The new Fallout 76 season kicks off today with a mutation invasion! Mutation was already very much present in Bethesda’s take on a post-nuclear Appalachia. But now it’s been ramped up to a whole new level in the Mutation Invasion Update, and scarcely any aspect of the game will be left unscathed.

Mutated public events

Every hour a new “mutated public event” becomes available. These will be designated with a special icon. These mutated events will offer up greater risk as well as greater reward, with XP, treasury notes, legendary items and “mutated packages” with rare loot all up for grabs.

Mutations coming to Daily Ops

New content comes to Daily Ops in the form of three new locations: Capitol Building, Garrahan Mining Headquarters and Morgantown High School.

Also, aliens. These extraterrestrial enemies have joined the Daily Ops roster.

Rip Daring and the Cryptid Hunt

Fallout 76 season 12 introduces “adventurer extraordinaire” Rip Daring. Join Daring on his quest and earn S.C.O.R.E. and unlock new and exclusive rewards.

Fallout 76 Mutation Invasion—free for all players

To find out more, visit fallout.com. Fallout 76 is an open-world multiplayer action-adventure RPG set in Bethesda’s popular Fallout universe.

Fallout 76
Fallout 76
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