Everything revealed during the Starfield Developer Q&A event

Posted by:Robert Collins

On Wednesday Bethesda Game Studios hosted a Starfield Developer Q&A event on its official Discord channel. And suffice it to say the Q&A session did not disappoint for those who tuned in hoping for fresh Starfield info.

If you were unable to catch the stream not to worry: you can view it in its entirety above. And we’ve also got a quick breakdown of what was revealed down below.

  • There are over 20 companions you can recruit in Starfield, each with their own unique background
  • There will be a jail system, similar to that of Skyrim
  • A kill-less playthrough of the game is probably not possible
  • Starfield has mechs, but they’re unusable…or are they?
  • The Kid Stuff Trait means you’re parents will look your player character
  • As in other Bethesda games, players can buy property in all the major cities

Starfield Screen Shot 5 Custom

  • Crew members can be assigned to outposts
  • Certain items are considered “contraband” and will have to be smuggled into major cities via special ship modules
  • Time only passes in Starfield when you’re actively playing the game
  • Both real-life religions and 3 fictitious ones will be part of the Starfield universe

Check out this link to Xbox Era for a transcript of all questions and answers. And for the latter, we’ll soon get to discover all these and more when Starfield finally ships on September 6 for Xbox Game Pass subscribers (with those who bought the Premium Edition getting early access starting September 1).

Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Price: Free

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