Surface Pro X latest update improves Wi-Fi and app performance

Kareem Anderson

While the Surface Pro 9 with Windows on ARM the newest darling for Microsoft’s ARM-powered ambitions, the original Surface Pro X remains a usable device for early adopters and the company just updated it to help with the platform’s performance.

August firmware updates have recently gone out to Microsoft’s fleet of Surface devices and the ones for the Surface Pro X for both SQ1 and Sq2 itierations that include Wi-Fi connectivity enhancements and app performance improvements.

Microsoft doesn’t go into detail about the supposed gains from the Surface UEFI Firmware 3.602.140.0, 1.0196.0, 7.610.140.0, and 27.201960.0, but highlight the following info:

  • Addresses 3rd party application performance.
    Improves Wi-Fi reliability

As part of the Device Manager listing of the new firmware, Qualcomm(R) Wi-FB B/G (2×2) SvC – Network adapters, Surface UEFI – Firmware and Microsoft’s specialized SQ1 Adreno 685 – Display we specifically highlighted in the update log.

Despite the Surface Pro X coming out in 2019, it’s already considered a legacy device now that Microsoft has merged the product line with the traditional Intel-powered Surface Pro line, but it’s nice to see that its original Windows on ARM powered Pro device is still receiving some love and that WoA as a platform is continuing to improve.

The update began rolling out yesterday and should be hitting devices the remainder of un-updated devices later in the week.

Via Neowin