Atomic Heart first DLC teaser unveiled ahead of summer release

Posted by:Robert Collins

A short teaser for Atomic Heart’s first DLC was just dropped. And by short, we mean short as in a mere 21 seconds. The clip does seem to show off some trippy new environments, however. According to publisher Mundfish, “Facility 3826 still has many undiscovered places…”

DLC 1 will be the first of four paid DLC packs, apparently. The $40 Atomic Pass, which is available on the Xbox Store as well as being included in the game’s Gold and Premium Editions, will include all four upcoming DLCs. These will offer “new areas and labs, as well as new weapons, new enemies, bosses, an exclusive skin for your glove and more!”

Atomic Heart - Atomic Pass
Atomic Heart - Atomic Pass

Atomic Heart released on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S back in February as a day one Game Pass release. Though Atomic Heart got a mixed critical reception, the retro-futuristic FPS received over 3 million players in its first three weeks.