A new trailer for Atomic Heart DLC1 has just dropped

Posted by:Robert Collins

A brand-spanking new trailer for Atomic Heart‘s first DLC has been released. The trailer teases a new enemy: the BEA-D. These small robots may look cute at first glance, but as developer Mundfish warns, the BEA-D is “a real group of dangerous and agile robots.”

This is the second trailer for the DLC, the first releasing a month ago in early May. That trailer showcased a new location in the game called “Facility 3826.”

The DLC in question will release sometime this summer, though no specific release date has been announced. It will be the first of four upcoming DLC releases for Atomic Heart. Each of these will reportedly be single-player continuations of the main campaign.

Apparently Mundfish hopes to collaborate with Elon Musk to put Tesla bots in the DLC. There’s no official word yet on whether that idea will bear fruit.


Atomic Heart launched to mixed reviews back in February as a day one Xbox Game Pass release.

Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart
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