Diablo IV is already Blizzard’s most successful game ever

Robert Collins

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There was never any real question that Diablo IV was going to be a huge hit. The Diablo franchise has a huge fan base with three previous mainline installments that are now action-roleplaying classics, and there was little reason to think the fourth installment would be anything less than fantastic.

The critical reception confirmed this, as seen in our Diablo IV review roundup, with the game getting 9 and 10 review scores across the board.

Diablo® IV

We now know that Diablo IV is the fastest-selling game ever for Blizzard Entertainment, this only a week after the game’s early access launch. It had the most pre-launch units sales in company history both on console and PC. Exact sales numbers don’t seem to available, however.

Diablo IV has collectively been played for an incredible 10,000 years, with players logging over 93 million hours of playtime. General manager of the Diablo franchise said “This is a moment year in the making for the Diablo IV team,” adding,

As I keep saying, I am extremely proud of this team and this game. What an accomplishment! A big thank you to all of our players for their time, dedication and feedback. This is just the beginning for #DiabloIV and we’re very grateful to have you along with us on this journey.”

Diablo IV is available for various platforms including Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC.

Diablo® IV
Diablo® IV
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