OnPodcast Special: Recapping our top 5 favorite podcasting moments from 2020

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to a special recap version of OnPodcast: The OnMSFT.com Podcast. This is our weekly podcast series featuring our contributing writers, Kareem Anderson and Arif Bacchus.

While we’re technically still in an “off week” due to the New Year, we put together a collection of our favorite moments from our 2020 season for you all in one video. This special episode looks back at the top 5 episodes this year, covering our first episode back in September, to our most recent episode in December.

Thanks again for watching and listening to us every week, and we hope you enjoy our recap. Do stay tuned, too, as we’ve got some exciting things planned for OnPodcast in 2021, including some of our special guests.

Moment 5: Episode 1: The Premiere Episode

The number 5 moment on our list brings us back to our humble beginnings — our first episode. This episode originally aired on September 6, 2020. We didn’t have dedicated webcams or microphones just yet in this first episode, so it’s one to show how much we’re evolving, and listening to your feedback! Some topics we talked about in our premiere episode included Arif’s hands-on with Surface Duo at BestBuy, Intel’s new Tiger Lake chips, and Microsoft’s Project Moca.

Moment 4: Episode 2: The Surface Duo Special

Number 4 on our list brings us forward one week after our premiere to our second ever episode. In this episode, Arif showed off Microsoft’s newest product for 2020, the Surface Duo, and answered your questions about the dual-screen device. Kareem also pitched in and asked Arif some questions about how he’s using the Duo, and for his initial impressions. If you didn’t notice, we also began using unique graphics for this episode, thanks to the work of Kareem and tweaking around in the Gimp image editor.

Moment 3: Episode 4: Comparing Surface Duo to Galaxy Z Fold 2

Next on our list is our first episode to feature a guest, our own OnMSFT editor in chief, Kip Kniskern. In this episode, Kip dialed in with Arif and Kareem to talk about his new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. We saw him show off the device on camera, and Arif asked Kip questions about how the Samsung phone compared to the Surface Duo. Again, this was the first episode in which we had a guest, a theme that will persist for the other picks on our list.

Moment 2: Episode 12: Comparing Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Surface Duo was one of Microsoft’s biggest products of 2020, but so were Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That’s why our fourth pick involves all things Xbox. In this episode, we had our resident Xbox expert, Laurent, join our show to recap his Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S reviews.

Arif sat down with Laurent and asked him a few questions about his experience with the next-gen Microsoft gaming consoles. In another milestone moment for the Podcast, we also started using some new custom graphics (lower thirds) in this episode too, to better help you see what we’re talking about during the show. We also switched to YouTube Premiere format a couple of episodes before this, so you can chat with us live during the Podcast, and we started using the YouTube chapters, to better help you find a specific topic in the video!

Moment 1: Episode 8: Windows 10 October 2020 Update Review

Our most favorite moment from our 2020 season — and our number one pick — involves the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. If you missed it back on the weekend that the October 2020 Update was released, we sat down and chatted with our own resident Windows 10 expert, Cody Carson. This was a moment that many of you were asking for, and we delivered. In this episode, Arif and Kareem not only asked Cody about the October 2020 Update but also got a bit personal with him, too. The two asked Cody about his favorite Windows features, his process of making videos, his general interests, as well as the games he likes to play.

Thanks for watching, and see you in 2021!

Again, we’d like to thank you all for watching and listening to the OnPodcast. We’ve come a long way since our first episode, and it is thanks to you all, our readers, listeners, and viewers. We appreciate each and every one of you, as well as your feedback and comments. That’s why, in 2021, we’re looking to bring guests on the OnPodcast. We already have a Windows 10 developer who will join us on January 9 to chat about Windows 10, so be sure to stay tuned for our next episode! Thanks again, and Happy new Year!