OnPodcast Special: A chat with artist/ YouTuber Brad Colbow about drawing on Surface devices & more

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Hey there, OnPodcast viewers and listeners and welcome back to another new episode. Since our co-host Kareem is busy, we didn’t do our usual news recaps this week. Instead, we filmed a special episode with the artist and YouTuber Brad Colbow.

Not everyone might know him, but Brad’s YouTube channel has over 500,000 subscribers. He’s all about “tech for creative people,” and reviews all kinds of tech gadgets from an artist’s perspective. That’s why we asked him about his story, how he got to where he is, and so much more. We also asked Brad about his thoughts on the new Surface hardware, especially the new Surface Laptop Studio which he just reviewed.

Naturally, things even crossed over into the Apple world. Brad discussed his thoughts on switching between platforms and using both Android, iOS, and Windows devices for drawing. We also talked about his favorite Microsoft products and his thoughts on Windows 11.

We hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks as always for watching us. And feel free to leave us your feedback in the comments section below, or in the YouTube comments section. This show is for you, the OnMSFT fans, and we really appreciate your time.