OnPodcast Episode 49: Windows 11’s big TV ad, Microsoft Start launch, Windows 11 photos app teased

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Hey there, OnPodcast viewers and listeners. Welcome back to another episode! We’re at episode 49 this week, and (as always) we talked about the latest Microsoft news. This week it covered a Windows 11 ad, the new Microsoft Start Service, as well as a tease for the new Windows 11 Photos app.

For our specialty, there’s Week Ahead and Fast Recap, too. In Fast Recap, we talked about Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp, ways Windows 11 could make PCs faster, a new chat moderation feature in Teams, and other new features for Outlook. Finally, in Week Ahead, we talked about Halo Infinite, as well as Android apps in Windows 11.

Topic 1: Windows 11 Ad

The show started with a look at Microsoft’s newest Windows 11 ad. We offered our thoughts on what this ad is all about, and if it could have been better. We compared it to Surface ads, too.

Topic 2: Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start app icon

The second topic on the show involved a look at Microsoft Start. This is Microsoft’s newest service. We looked at how different it is from MSN and talked about some improvements we wish we could get. We also toured you through the experience, if you didn’t have a chance to try it yet.

Topic 3: Windows 11 Photos App Teased

Our final main topic on the show looked at another Panos Panay tease. This time around, it is the Windows 11 Photos app. We analyzed the 18-second long ad and went through some of the new features we noticed.

Fast Recap & Week Ahead:

The show ended with Fast Recap & Week Ahead. In these segments, we looked at Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp and how it could boost its in-box video editing efforts. We also talked about how Windows 11 could make PCs faster by optimizing system resources, and how chat supervisors might soon be able to delete irrelevant chat messages. Finally, we looked at how Microsoft Teams and Outlook are getting big updates to help you adapt to hybrid work. As for Week Ahead, we looked towards topics like Alan Wake remastered, Halo Infinite, Android apps in Windows, and more.

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