Watch OnPodcast this Sunday! We’re talking about Windows 10 21H2, Cloud PC & more

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Hello, OnMSFT readers and OnPodcast viewers and listeners. We hope you’re having an awesome week (or weekend if you’re reading this on Saturday.) We’re just here to remind you that we’re back for another new episode this Sunday! For episode 41, We’re planning to talk about Windows and a lot of other topics.

First off, we’ll be talking about Windows 10 21H2, which Microsoft recently confirmed as the second update for Windows 10 this calendar year. We’ll also shift our attention to Windows 365 and Cloud PC, which is Microsoft’s way of bringing Windows to the cloud for enterprise and business users. Finally, we’ll showcase Microsoft’s new emojis, and even talk about Clippy being resurrected from the dead.

As is our specialty, we also have our Fast Recap and Week Ahead segments. In Fast Recap, we’ll speed through the details of the latest Windows 11 build, then switch over to talk about a Teams preview app and some new filters which could make you look better on your calls. Meanwhile, in Week Ahead, our Kareem Anderson will talk about some new accessories he has in for review and a look back at the history of Windows 10 on its 6th birthday.

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