OnPodcast Special: Chatting all things Microsoft with Mary Jo Foley

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Hello, OnPodcast viewers and listeners and welcome back to another new episode. In lieu of our usual programming this week, we had a special episode featuring ZDNet’s very own Mary Jo Foley.

We’re sure you know who Mary Jo is, but in case you don’t know, she’s one of the most well-respected and trusted Microsoft reporters in the industry. She brings so much knowledge to the table, which is why we are honored to have her on the show.

In this episode, we chatted with Mary Jo about her take on Surface, Windows 11, Microsoft’s future focus, and so much more. Of course, with this past week’s Microsoft earnings results, we also talked earnings and got her thoughts on the popularity of Teams vs Zoom and Slack.

Thanks as always for watching us! And Thank You, Mary Jo Foley, for your time.