Zomato user interface updated on Windows Phone app

Staff Writer

Zomato logo

We recently reported that the handy restaurant-locating app Zomato has been made into a universal app for Windows 10. It means that the code running on the PC version of the app is now the same as the code running on the phone version. In that code, developers can keep the information the same while making the interface look different depending on what screen size the app is running on. For example on a phone, users need menus to be hidden so that content can be displayed on the small screen.
The phone version of the app has just been updated, and it appears the developers weren’t happy with how the interface on the previous version of the app looked. The new ‘new’ update brings with it a new interface and more. See the listed below:

  • All-new interface. The app’s now easier to navigate, with quicker access to information.
  • Revamped Search. See restaurants on a map of the area you’re searching in (or tap on the map and draw to search like you always could).
  • Now local feed also visible along with your own feed

Image courtesy of Windows Central

Zomato is a free app and you can download it for your phone using the link below.
Price: Free