Smite updated on Xbox One with a new god, bug fixes and much more

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The game Smite enables gamers to get take on the role of a god from a third person point of view and fight it out with other gods. There are over 60 gods choose from including Thor, Hercules, and Apollo. Several game modes can be played including Conquest, Arena, Joust, and Siege modes; each is offering different challenges and gameplay.
The game has been out a while on Windows 8.1 PCs, but it recently made the jump to Xbox One. That Xbox One version has just received a substantial update, and the highlights are briefly outlined in the video below.

The update is huge and it’s far too large to talk about every detail here, but you can check out some of the biggest ones below. The full list can be seen here.

New Xbox Features

  • Additional Spectating options
    • Player can now password protect their custom matches to limit who can spectate.
    • Match IDs have been added to the end of match lobby.
    • Players can access recorded matches by entering the Match ID from the spectator options menu.
  • New User Flow
    • A new training map will help guide and reward players for learning about Joust and Arena game modes.
    • Arena tutorial has been added to help teach players the basic rules of the gameplay mode, and to ease them into active gameplay.
    • Players are rewarded bonus XP and favor for completing each training map.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Global emotes now work
    • Warding the fire giant now plays the correct audio file
    • Fixed rich presence and achievement descriptions for supported languages
    • Fixed a crash involving Sylvanus
    • Fixed end of match lobby worshipper count


  • Spectator – Fixed Siege Juggernaut Health bar not showing the correct time.
  • Draft Pick – Fixed UI incorrectly stating Player 5 is picking.
  • Added gradient to Recall bar making it easier to see.
  • Fixed incorrectly stating ‘next promotion’ at end of match lobby for Master ranked players.
  • Arena Damage icons updated.

A new god called Xing Tian has also been added to the game with this update, and he comes with several powers such as whirlwind of steel and rage and hook slam. Along with new voice packs, emotes and avatars, the developers have also added new skins for your god and those include Ragnarok Fenrir, Volcanic Agni, and Daimyodin Odin.
If you own the game, you’re going to have a blast with this update. If you don’t own the game, you can grab it on the link below.

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