You might soon be able to sync your Android phone’s clipboard, documents with Your Phone in Windows 10

Arif Bacchus

As Microsoft continues to evolve the Your Phone experience on Windows 10, users are invited to test out fresh and exciting features. Well, turns out that the company could soon be adding another new ability to the experience. This time, it is a feature that lets users sync their Android phone’s clipboard to their PC via Your Phone in Windows 10.

Noted by Windows Latest, the most recent builds of the Your Phone app in Windows 10 contains references to a “Content Transfer feature.” These include under-the-hood coding mentions of “SharedContentPhotos,” “ContentTransferCopyPaste”, and “ContentTransferDragDrop.” The “Content Transfer” option can also be enabled with a few registry tweaks.

Once enabled, users can see a new option for “Cross-device copy and paste” in the Your Phone settings, but, as expected, it doesn’t appear to function as of yet. The in-app description of the feature, though, does explain that some metadata will be transferred between devices each time content is copied between a phone or a PC. This means that users might not only be able to sync their Android’s clipboard with Your Phone but perhaps even documents, similar to Dell Mobile Connect.

Microsoft already has the Cloud Clipboard feature which lets users sync their Windows 10 Clipboard across their devices. The company also recently improved the functionality of Your Phone so it shows up to 2,000 of the most recent photos from a connected Android device. However, such a clipboard sync or document sync feature for Your Phone would also much appreciated. Microsoft will be releasing its Android-powered Surface Duo later this year, and it would make syncing content between PC and phone much more seamless and easier.