Xbox Smart Glass: What it means and why you should care


During the E3 expo in Los Angeles, which takes places June 5th to June 7th, 2012, Microsoft is rumored to showcase a cross-platform app that will allow Xbox owners to control and stream media content to their Xbox 360, via their smartphones. This app is called “Xbox Smart Glass.”

So what exactly does Xbox Smart Glass do and why should you care? Well, for starters, it allows users to control their Xbox 360 remotely via their Windows PC, Windows Phone device, Android device, or iOS device. Users can access YouTube and Netflix services via Xbox Smart Glass as well as access video and other media. In fact, this companion app can also allow a user to play certain content on their big screens by a few clicks on their smartphone. But wait, we already have an Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone, iPhone, and Windows 8! Well, true, but this new app will allow users to stream videos across different devices and even interact with specific applications, that’s what makes it great.

During the E3 expo, Microsoft made this official and announced that this platform would be launched by this fall.