Microsoft’s Bing wants you to tweet and ‘like’ it more


Microsoft has unveiled its new design for Bing in the United States by making the doing engine more social. Microsoft believes that since most users base their decisions on what others believe or offer as advice, having a more social search engine would be fitting.

“Today, we’re also unveiling a new advertising campaign to support the introduction of search plus social and announcing the Bing Summer of Doing, in celebration of the new features and designed to inspire people to do amazing things this summer,” Microsoft explains. A new center column on Bing, called the snapshot, features information such as maps and reviews for quick action. “Available for the first time today, we designed a new center column, called snapshot, which makes it easy to get things done in one place. It includes information, such as maps and reviews, and quick ways to take action, so booking a restaurant reservation or checking hotel rates are now quicker and easier,” Microsoft explains. So there you go. Start tweeting and ‘liking’ more stuff on Bing!