Xbox Play Anywhere video game Gigantic gets new hero in latest update

Brad Stephenson

Gigantic on Xbox One

The cross-platform video game, Gigantic, just received a major free update called, Eternal Dawn. This update adds a brand new playable character, Zandora, 18 new skins, a new Storm Drake lightning dragon, competitive leaderboards, and a variety of new fixes. Here’s what Microsoft had to say about the Zandora:

Zandora brings a brand-new style of supporting your allies to the battlefield! She excels when surrounded by her allies, using her celestial auras to empower her team, protect them from harm, and even get them in and out of the battle quickly and effectively. As an ally, she can turn the tide of a team fight in your favor. As an enemy, she can be a powerful presence that commands your attention to have any hope of victory.

Gigantic is an Xbox Play Anywhere video game that can be downloaded and played on both Xbox One consoles and Windows 10 devices. The game is currently in Open Beta which means that mostly anyone can download the game and play but everyone should be aware that the game code is still being refined and content is still being added on a regular basis.

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Developer: Motiga, Inc
Price: Free