Xbox Achievements to get a small revamp this week

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One and Kinect

Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra and Larry Hyrb both tweeted earlier today that the Xbox One would be getting an update within the next 24 hours that would change the Xbox Achievement notifications and listings. It’s not going to be a big update but it is an interesting one for those that like to compete with everyone else on the planet.

Basically, after the update instead of simply giving round numbers for the percentage of gamers who have unlocked an Achievement, the listings will now include stats down to the decimal. So instead of seeing “3% of players have unlocked this”, the actual detailed number will show such as “2.39% of players have unlocked this”. This should prove to be a pretty rewarding change for those that manage to unlock an Achievement first. Presumably this would show up as a “0.01%” or something similar.

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