Xbox One Titanfall Bundle no more, new bundles no longer include Kinect

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Xbox One Titanfall Bundle

This year Microsoft had released an Xbox One bundle with Titanfall, the game that was chosen to show the capabilities of the Xbox One and be that “must get” title. It was an easy buy since Titanfall was an immensely anticipated title. And the value for price didn’t hurt either.

Since then Microsoft went back on their insistence of selling the Kinect with the Xbox One, partly in an effort to match the PS4’s price. There was questions if the Titanfall bundle would remain – since it came with the Kinect. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has confirmed that the Titanfall bundle is done.

No need to get too upset, there are two incoming bundles: the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Bundle, and the Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Bundle. Neither, however, come with a Kinect. It seems that Microsoft is not even trying to get you to buy the Kinect anymore.

Bundles that came with the Kinect and offered value would be one easy way to get more people to choose the Xbox One offerings with the Kinect. Regardless, both bundles do offer nice contrast from the black plain box that is currently sold.

The Sunset Overdrive Bundle is especially nice, coming with the long awaited white-colored Xbox One console. You can look at the different offers for the Xbox here.

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