Papa John’s releases Windows Phone app, a step in the right direction

Staff Writer

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John’s has released an app for Windows Phone. It has the menu, offers, lets you order, and all without needing an account. However, since I believe in bad news first, “app” might be a stretch when we use it in this case.

Basically, it looks like a website wrapped inside an app. So, is there really a point to installing this app when you could pin the website on the home screen, and they could just focus on making the web experience better? Probably not. It does seems like this is what the app looks across platforms though. So it’s not a dis to Windows Phone, just that they don’t see the value of making a great application.

The good news is that a company saw value in making an app for Windows Phone. A lot of times users are used to apps, and having one is done just for the brand. It’s so that when someone searches for Papa John’s in the app store instead of on the web, there is a way for them to get service. Also, it is done to keep up, or get in front of, competitors. So, you can ignore that this isn’t a work of art when it comes to programming or design.

If more companies see the importance in having their brand, and making their services reachable, for those on Windows Phone, it will greatly help the platform.

Also, the app is not as bad as I, a tech enthusiast with higher expectations of app design, portray. As one reviewer states, “It gets the job done. ” And 3.5 stars isn’t a bad rating. Give it a spin, the download link is below, and let us know your thoughts.