Xbox One sales are up and the Xbox 360 is immortal

Sean Cameron

Consoles, as their lives typically go, have a shelf life of around five years, maybe a few more if they are particularly lucky. It is something of an inevitability that, as technology advances, the public will eventually look for something else to entertain themselves with. That is of course, unless they have an Xbox 360.
According to the latest retail figures from the NPD group posted on, the Xbox 360 is still leading its more powerful successor in physical game sales, coming behind only the Playstation 4. After 10 years on the market, it seems that Microsoft’s most popular system ever has been cursed to never die.
Even despite this, news for the Xbox One is positive. Compared to July 2014, game sales are up 44% and are continuing to increase, according to numbers released by Microsoft. Spurred on by a number of Warner Bros releases, such as Arkham Knight, it has overall been a strong summer for the videogame market as a whole.
The strong retail performance of the Xbox 360 is in part due to the announcement of backwards compatibility between the console and the Xbox One, giving consumers a little more confidence in purchasing Xbox 360 games.
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