Windows 10 Store issue has been fixed by Microsoft

Sean Cameron

As happens with every software launch, things do not always quite go to plan. No matter what precautions are taken, the efforts invested, some small niggle or issue will always remain.
And much to the chagrin of many who have downloaded Windows 10 on their PCs since its launch, one of these problems turned out to be rather significant, and has now been apparently been fixed by Microsoft, as reported by ZDNet.
Upon installing the new OS, many found that the Windows 10 Store simply ceased to work, that is to say that they were unable to access it, and a number of previously installed apps would simply cease to work. Microsoft said to expect a fix via Windows Update, but although that update hasn’t appeared, the issue appears to be fixed anyway.
A number of reported issues with Windows 10 installs persist, and at present Microsoft is still working on them. If you encounter any such problems, you are encouraged to report them to Microsoft using the Insider app, among other means of communication.
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