Xbox One to feature Siri like voice features and remote play capabilities


Xbox One

According to a new report, the new Xbox One will feature Siri-like voice features via the new Kinect sensor as well as remote play capabilities.

For those of you who saw the big Xbox One reveal on May 21st, you obviously noticed that the new Xbox One has a heavy reliance on the Kinect for voice commands. Microsoft is reportedly planning on taking this a step further and include two-way conversations with the new Xbox, similar to Siri on Apple’s iPad and iPhone devices. Chances are that this feature may not make it to the device during the Xbox One launch, but may be added later via a software update.

Here’s another cool feature that is reportedly coming to the Xbox One. Apparently, the Xbox One will feature the ability to Skype a friend and ask them for help on a game. Once your friend accepts, your friend can take over gameplay. The idea behind this feature is to allow players to help each other in parts of a game where one is stuck.

“In a demonstration of the feature, a source told us that a message popped up on their screen asking if it was OK if the player they were Skyping with could take over the game. Once the friend took over, the first player was able to watch them play the game. Either player could end the remote play with a button push,” the report adds.

Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the new Xbox One during the E3 Entertainment Expo this June. So stay tuned!